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If you are working in X2CRM and your customization are not picked up by the web server, one probability is that those resources are being cached.

X2CRM utilizes a caching functionality on the server side. This cache is generated during run-time execution of scripts and saved in the following directory:


There is another directory which often cache the files. This directory is located next to the above mentioned directory:


Therefore, if you server side / PHP customization are not working correctly, you must try to clear these cache folders before continuing with the debugging process. Hope it helps!

You can run the following command on your web server via Putty or SSH and it should empty the cache directories:

rm -rf <X2CRM_INSTANCE_ROOT>/protected/runtime/cache/

rm -rf <X2CRM_INSTANCE_ROOT>/protected/runtime/cache2/ 

Other variants of the rm command can also be used:

rm -fv protected/runtime/cache/*.bin

If you want to know the commands that you need to execute to clean these directories, visit this post on how to clear the X2CRM cache directory via command line.


If this does not work for you, or if you are facing issues while performing these steps, drop a comment and I will be glad to help you out!