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While working on an X2CRM customization, many a times, developers do some front end customization and the results do not appear in the browser on refresh. This is because X2CRM maintains a cache of its static resources as follows:

  1. Server Side (/assets folder)
  2. Client Side (Browser cache)

Therefore, it is recommended that whenever you are doing a customization to the Javascript or the CSS files, you purge the server side cache.

Purge Cache From GUI

This can be achieved by going to the following folder in you X2CRM and deleting its contents:


You can achieve this via FTP or using a cPanel.

Purge Cache From Command Line

If, however, you do not have access to a graphical tool on your web server, you can still connect to your web server via command line and use the following command to delete all the cached contents in the /assets folder.

  1. Move to the assets folder in the X2CRM instance:
    cd <X2CRM_INSTANCE_ROOT>/assets
  2. Delete all the contents of this directory force fully:
    rm -rf .

You can also achieve the same result by using a single command:

rm -rf <X2CRM_INSTANCE_ROOT>/assets/*

Clearing Browser Cache

You can clear the browser cache by hard reloading the web page in any browser of your choice.


If none of these methods work for you, or if you are facing issues while following these steps, drop a comment and I will be glad to help you out!