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The world is going through its golden age of technology advancements and with the passage of every day, this global village is shrinking to put itself into the hands of common man. Not only big companies are getting their hands on latest gadgets and technologies but small and medium sized companies have also started to take benefits of this advancement. There was a time when Customer Relations Management was focused on by technology giants and enterprises only. This gave rise to the most of big names in CRM industry like Salesforce & SugarCRM. However, with the advent of easy internet access and later on e-commerce for small businesses, medium & semi-large organizations are now moving to the automated customer relationship management.

To cater the requirements of these small and medium sized businesses to focus on their customer relations instead of managing a high-tech, cluttered CRM, John Roberts founded X2CRM in 2011. John Roberts has more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing customer relationship management systems. Since 1990’s to this year, John has been part of some of the most distinguished CRM software companies including SugarCRM, IBM, Aurum Software, Epiphany and BroadVision. Before X2CRM was founded in 2011 in Scotts Valley, California, John Roberts was a co-founder and CEO of SugarCRM Inc.


Roberts X2CRM Founder
John Roberts -CEO X2CRM (Picture Courtesy: Michael Macor)


AX2CRM is one of the next generation CRM software that is focussed to provide comprehensive, yet cost-effective and easy to use solutions for small and medium sized businesses. X2CRM has sales, marketing and customer service system that heavily leverage businesses to retain and acquire new customers. Because of its fine grained application architecture & robustness, businesses using X2CRM can quickly see value and return on investment for the efforts put in to automate their customer relations with X2CRM. Not only does X2CRM cut the costs of purchasing additional modules for the CRM and customizing marketing campaigns and process management, its feature rich all in one sales and customer service approach makes it the best CRM solution for not so large companies.

X2crm – enterprise crm for small business

Although all the modules in X2CRM make a good for small businesses, the power and flexibility of X2CRM lie in its architecture and design. We can divide the major components of X2CRM in two parts:



X2CRM Automated & Powerful Workflow Management
X2CRM – Automated & Powerful Workflow Management

To fully automate your repetitive marketing tasks, for example, sending out emails or updating contacts and lead conversion, X2CRM has a builtin feature to fully automate your processes and reduce the hassle of doing tiresome work and purchasing additional modules & hefty customizations. Not only will X2CRM help you truly automate your workflows using best industry standards and practices, it will also help you to focus on the creative aspects of your campaigns which will help your organization boost productivity by producing more solid leads and thus improving your bottom line for customer relationship management.

x2crm – drag & drop process automation

The X2CRM pre-packaged drag and drop customizer will help you create awesome workflows that are user action sensitive and work for you 24/7, generating new leads and automating the initial few steps of lead conversion while you are asleep. Ever wondered why big companies never lose their clients? X2CRM has all the workflows in place to help you generate and retain your leads like big companies do.



X2CRM – Process Automation Designer

The other core feature of X2CRM that can help you boost your CRM performance is the X2Process. All you need to do is to generate a new workflow design for your latest process benchmarked by your organization and you are ready to use it on the go. You can do more in less time with this Process Automation Designer. While other CRM providers do provide additional modules to use on top of process designer, the maintenance and customizations cost is not worth it when you can have the same feature rich implementation in less time and at low expense.

If you are a small business and want to actively use a CRM for your sales automation, X2CRM is the best choice for you. 

While I cannot cover all the feature rich functionality provided in X2CRM, you can learn more about X2CRM features on their official website.

X2CRM official Logo & Trademark
X2CRM Logo & Trademark

If you are looking forward to some opensource customer relationship management solution and you are small to medium sized company, you must give a try to this CRM software. The company provides awesome support for all its customers. If you face any issues with your X2CRM installation, you can ask the X2CRM Community, or you can drop me a line in the comments below. I will be glad to help you with any issues. Happy sales!