X2CRM CEO and Marketing Specialist Picture Together
David Buchanan - CEO and Tom Carroll - Marketing Expert at CRM Evolution Conference

Official documentation and X2CRM resources available online do not provide much information that is required by online community. The X2CRM official community is the only resource available to X2CRM developers besides X2Engine Wiki. The issue is that X2CRM official community has not been updated since a long time. This means that the open source X2CRM users are out there in the wild, wondering what is going on at X2Engine Inc. and what is the future of the product that they are using. These are some of the questions that restrain new users to migrate to open source X2CRM.

X2CRM Migration Services

X2CRM Migration Available For New Users
X2CRM Free Migration Services For New Marketo and SalesForce Users

Although X2CRM core team provides a lot of features to migrate from other CRM products to X2CRM. However, these features come at a cost! And, without knowing if this product will still have a stable release 2 or 3 years from now, it is not yet possible for an industrial organization to avail all of these awesome tools- and migrate to X2CRM.

DAVID Buchanan is our new CEo.

However, if you are a CRM developer, then there is good news for you. X2Engine Inc. has recently appointed their new CEO (David Buchanan). They have also recently sponsored the annual CRM Evolution conference as a Platinum sponsor. This speaks a lot about the new strategy being devised and followed at X2Engine. David brings his 30 years CRM experience to X2Engine. Hence, we can be sure that major improvements to the X2CRM marketing, development and business strategies are on their way.

Best Opensource CRM in Industry?

Best Free and Opensource CRM
X2CRM is one of the best Opensource CRM in market
Top open source customer relationship management software tweet
Best Opensource CRM Tweet By X2Engine | X2CRM


All of this means, it is a good time to start learning X2CRM, as it is going to take over the open source CRM world.

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